Insidious Gamers Podcast Episode 1: We like Canadians!!

This week we talk all about the Wii-U, other next gen hardware and play some awesome video game music. Enjoy!

Special Guests: Kyle Barrows and Jason Helton


BGM Music provided by the Viva Pinata – Grant Kirkhope

1. A Proper Story – Bastion OST – Darren Korb (1:09)

2. Mario Power Tennis – Doctor’s Orders – C.D.S (2:03)

3. One Winged Angel – Black Materia – Mega Ran and Lost Perception (3:20)

4. DKC Bonus Win – Donkey Kong Country – The Greatest Bits (0:09)

5. Theme of Guile – Street Fighter 4 OST – Hideyuki Fukasawa (3:15)

6. Punch-out! – Volume 2 – The One Ups (2:11)

7. F-Zero (Mute city, Big Blue, Port town) – Super entertainment system – Entertainment System (4:25)

8. The Vengeful Frog – Versus Video Games 2 – Daniel Tidwell (2:20)

9. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Play! Live CD/DVD – Czech Philharmonic ChamberOrchestra & Kuehn’s Mixed Choir (9:15)

Any resources (including music) used in the production or promotion of this pocast, are used for critical, parody or educational purposes. Please don’t sue us, we have no money.

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Zombie U Stream

Later today, we will be hosting a Zombie U stream on our Justin TV Channel. Nothing special, just a little bit of me playing the game. It should go live at about 2pm CST. It will only be for an hour (during my lunch break) but it’s better than nothing right? Hope to see you there.


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